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When Do You Start To Show: Your Guide To Knowing When The Bump Show Off

Knowing when do you start to show your pregnancy body is vital for any soon-to-be-moms. It is probably safe to say that showing off “the bump” is one of the things that women look forward to during pregnancy, especially among first-time moms. Needless to say, it brings a certain kind of joy, excitement, and pride.


When you first found out that you and your husband are pregnant, how did you feel? Perhaps like most women, you too, we’re ecstatic about it? Most likely, you must have imagined yourself having a big, round belly that would look good in trendy and cute maternity dresses, as well as empire-waist tops.


Yes, perhaps those were just some of the first few things that came to your mind, do you agree? For people who have always been fascinated with pregnant women, seeing their own belly grow must really mean a lot or maybe it is just so special. For some showing off the bump is a perfect manifestation of how that woman is blessed. Well, why not? After all, not all women who want to have kids are given that opportunity. So, if you are pregnant, you should really feel grateful. Your heart must be filled with overflowing joy. The kind that keeps will keep you smiling all throughout the day no matter how terrible things are around you.


Most first-time moms-to-be never really thought of how their bodies would transition from having a flat tummy to one that looked like they swallowed a watermelon or some big round fruit. In fact, some women would even ask their healthcare provider about how many weeks pregnant do you start to show. Yes, some women, though excited to get their bellies bigger, are so naïve about what going to happen next in their pregnancy journey.


If you thought your belly will grow fast, well, unfortunately, it doesn’t go that way. The reality is, it is a pretty slow process. When you start to show is not an overnight kind of thing. It’s a day to day process. In fact, getting from point A to point B alone comes with lots of in-between stages that you will not notice the changes at all. More so, the in-betweens comes with a lot of different feelings and emotions, and questions that you never saw coming.


Apart from when do you start to show pregnancy belly, perhaps you are concerned about until when do your clothes fit, if other people can tell that you are in fact pregnant, and if you tell the world, would they even believe? Well, apparently, you are just blessed enough that your tummy looks normal — it takes a while before your belly shows off. In addition to that, there are moments when you would suddenly felt so conscious about how you look, about yourself.


If you are a first-time mom-to-be, we wouldn’t be surprised if you feel the same or if you have the same thoughts in mind. Thus, we thought this might be helpful. Here are some of the things that you should know especially about when your pregnancy belly will start showing off.



There really is no specific time when moms-to-be start to show a pregnancy belly. As you know, we all are different. We have different bodies, and every pregnancy is unique.


Apart from that, when do you start to show depends on the number of births you have had, and how many babies you have inside. That is what experts say.


For first time moms, when do you start to show with the first baby is totally different as to when do you start to show in a second pregnancy and so on and forth. Usually, first-time moms-to-be starts developing a baby bump any time between 12 and 16 weeks (basically, during the second trimester of your pregnancy). However, according to the American Pregnancy Association, your baby bump becomes even more evident at 18 weeks. Yes, that is how long you will have to wait until your pregnancy belly starts to show.


During the early days of pregnancy, a woman’s uterus is just like the shape of a pear. Yup, that small. However, over the first 12 weeks, gradually, it becomes more rounded until it turns out to be about the size of a grapefruit. It is only during this time when your baby bump starts to form.


It is also good to note that this early growth of your baby bump is just partly caused by your growing little one. Before you hit 11 weeks, your baby is still an embryo, which means, your baby does not need too much room yet. Usually, you will feel a little bigger around the middle because your uterus thickens out to help support your tiny little one.


Meanwhile, as we have mentioned earlier, experts say that when do you start showing off your pregnancy belly depends on how many pregnancies you have had already. In the case of those moms who are having their second, third, and so on a child, it is not surprising if you start showing off sooner. The reason behind this is that the muscles in your uterus or womb, as well as your belly, may have already been stretched from your previous pregnancy.


By the way, experts also say that those women who have a narrow body frame and little fat may show their pregnancy belly sooner – regardless if it is your first or not. Meanwhile, women who are curvy or plus size, maybe more pronounced late in the second or in the third trimester. Like we said earlier, when you start to show really depends on various factors – in this case, point, it depends on the weight or the body frame of the person.




As earlier mentioned, there are several factors that can affect the growth of your pregnancy belly. When do you start to show pregnancy depends on these factors, which include weight or body frame, age, as well as the number of babies you have already carried (which I have already mentioned earlier).


To understand each factor fully, let’s break them down each:


– Weight


Your weight or size has also something to do as to when do you start to show pregnancy belly. If you are slim, the more likely it is to show off sooner compared to those with curvy bodies or plus size women. However, regardless of the size and the time, the thing is, your pregnancy bump will eventually show off.


Some of us, when we were pregnant, some people would comment like we do not look like one. For some, it may sound flattering, but for some women, it may not. Well, sometimes the pregnancy hormones have a lot to do with how women react to comments like that.


Anyway, you know, it is important to understand that every woman is different. Each of us has a one of a kind torso length and carries weight a little differently – which also affects a lot on how your pregnancy belly will look like.


If a woman has more body weight or has more weight around her midsection, it is noticeable that she may have her belly in a B shape rather than the usual D shape – which is absolutely nothing to worry about. The B-shaped pregnancy belly is very typical among plus-size pregnancies. Eventually, though, your pregnancy belly will assume the more common D shape. So, yeah, do not let it cause you too much stress. However, if you are worried about how you are carrying the baby, you may always ask your healthcare provider for proper guidance.


When it comes to pregnancy, there is no right or wrong body type or size. Whether you are slim or plus-size, you have all the right to get and be pregnant. That is also why it does make sense that there is not just a single belly shape for everyone. If you are so conscious about your belly shape, mommy, remember this, it would greatly help if you will stop comparing yourself to other pregnant women. Because as what experts say, every pregnancy and every pregnant woman is different. We are all unique. We are incomparable.


– Age


Yes, age is also another factor as to when do you start to show pregnancy.


For moms-to-be who are aged 30s and above, myself included, the baby bump can show a little earlier. Having said that, perhaps you are already wondering when you start to show if you do not belong in that age range? Well, obviously, women who are in their 20s and below will show their baby bump a little later.


Just so you know, women who do not have strong stomach muscles usually show off their pregnancy belly earlier, which is more evident and more common among older moms.


– Number of Pregnancies


Like what we have said a while ago, experts say that how fast or slow your baby bump will show also depends on the number of pregnancies you’ve had in your life already. For those who are having their first child, it may show a between 12 to 16 weeks, or anytime during the second trimester.


Pregnancy tends to leave behind relaxed stomach muscles, which is why women who have already had a child show their baby bump sooner or either the first trimester or early part of their second trimester.


As for some of us, our pregnancy belly starts showing off the moment we start our second trimester especially with women who have a narrow body frame.


– The Shape of Your Uterus


Another factor that affects when do you starts to show pregnancy belly is the shape of your uterus. The resting position of a woman’s uterus impacts the time when your belly starts showing off.


In some cases, women may have a retroverted uterus that tilts towards your back. If you do have this kind of condition, then expect that your pregnancy belly will show a little later. Meanwhile, some women do have an anteverted uterus, which basically slants forward, thus, causing your pregnancy belly to show earlier.


By now you are probably overwhelmed already by the so many factors affecting when your pregnancy belly starts to show. But the list doesn’t end here. Here’s some more…


– Bloating


Bloating is a normal thing. However, when you are pregnant, it becomes a common side effect of the changes that are happening in your body. In fact, bloating can exaggerate your baby bump. Also, it may even increase as your pregnancy progresses.


It is normal that when a woman is pregnant, things change including the process of digestion, which is actually one of the most affected processes in the body. Because of the added weight, as well as the pressure of the baby, other processes in the body slows down, which include digestion.


Due to this situation, it gives gas more time to build up and makes it even harder to release. When you are pregnant, it is common to find yourself always burping and passing gas. Bloating does not only happen at the beginning of pregnancy, in fact, bloating related to gas buildup increases more as the pregnancy progresses. It is because the growing uterus places more and more pressure on your abdominal cavity.


– Incorrect Due Date


You know the fact is, no one really knows when you started to conceive and when you are giving birth. Personally, I think pregnancy is one of the greatest mysteries of life. No one can really tell the exact time a human being is conceived, and when the baby is going to come out from the mother’s womb.


Yes, of course, estimated due dates exist, and doctors do have their way to “estimate” things. But as the word entails, there is nothing sure really until the baby comes out. That is precisely why incorrect estimated due date also affects as to when a mom-to-be starts showing off her pregnancy belly.


Doctors are humans too, and the machines that they use to predict a due date can also fail at times. Thus, there are instances when a mom feels like a bump is coming too soon or too late. And one of the reasons is when your doctor may have given you an incorrect due date or incorrect estimated date of delivery.


If this happens though, you do not have to panic or worry. With the latest pregnancy tools like ultrasounds, as well as other methods available, it is easier to pinpoint the more accurate estimated due date.


– Diastasis Recti


Diastasis recti is a term that refers to the “separation of the muscles along the abdominal midline”. This is how it happens — During pregnancy, what happens is that the growing uterus pushes against the abdominal muscles. As the pregnancy progresses though, the two large bands of muscle meeting in the middles eventually separate from one another.


Swelling usually occurs in the area where the muscles separate. You do not have to worry though as it is considered perfectly normal. Diastasis recti though is more likely to happen to women who have already been pregnant before. It also is more likely to occur to women who have had carried big babies in their previous pregnancy or women who are 35 years old and above.


– Constipation


Constipation may also have something to do with the growth of your pregnancy belly. In fact, constipation affects almost all pregnant women. It is usually common during the early stages of pregnancy and is more likely to appear by the time you hit the third trimester. Constipation may cause your belly to look bloated, and you may feel like it’s the baby bump, when in fact, it really is not yet.




Actually, having twins is another factor that may cause your baby bump to show earlier. However, we opted to put it in a separate section, as this one’s important (well, we just thought so).


Whether you are carrying twins in your womb or other multiples, most often than not, it will start showing off as early as during the first trimester. Having two babies or more means more fluids and placenta, the baby bump will really grow more rapidly.


Pregnant women having twins actually seem a few months further along compared to those who are carrying single babies. The thing is if you are currently or have been pregnant with twins, the most likely you are going to carry multiples in your future pregnancies.


If you are wondering why some women have twin babies, well, there are a lot of factors that have something to do with that – although it’s usually in the genes. If any of your family members have had twins, the more likely you are to have one as well. Another factor is if you get pregnant through in vitro fertilization, which is a good thing to talk about in a separate post.




Anyway, so there you have it! We hope we were able to share something fruitful especially if you are a first-time mom. If your baby bump is not showing yet, just hang in there and do not stress yourself too much. You’ll see, one day you will just wake up realizing your belly has grown!


Do not dwell too much on when do you start to show pregnancy belly. Instead, while waiting for your baby bump to show off, why not keep yourself busy with other things, and most especially, ensure that you stay fit, safe, and healthy all throughout your pregnancy. Needless to say, enjoy every single moment while you are pregnant. You will surely miss it once the baby is out.


While knowing when do you start to show is an exciting thing to know, keeping yourself and your baby healthy and safe should be on top of your thoughts and of course, your priority.