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When Is Valentines Day and 5 Ways To Celebrate It Regardless of Status

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Being in love is the best feeling ever! Perhaps that is why we celebrate Valentine’s day every year. But what if you’re single? Probably, you’d ask when is Valentine’s Day after all? Well, we got you. We’ll be sharing here why people of all kinds and statuses should celebrate this day. Yes, even single people.


You may find it crazy for someone to ask whens Valentines Day. Everybody, supposedly, knows that we celebrate it every 14th of February every year – unless of course, you’re bitter, right? But come on, is Valentine’s Day exclusive for those who are in a relationship? I don’t think so.


I can hear someone say, she doesn’t care whens Valentines Day. It’s just like any other day for her anyway. But really? Is it just for those who have girlfriends or boyfriends or married people?


Valentine’s for me is a day to celebrate love. When I say love, it means to love by all means and forms. Love not only between two people, but love for one’s self, love for family, love for workmates, love for friends, and so on.


There’s no reason for anybody to get bitter and think that Valentine’s is just for those who are “in love”. It is for everyone. No particular status required.


What is Valentine’s Day?


So, first thing first. What is Valentine’s Day apart from it being the “love” day? Well, Valentine’s Day as I mentioned earlier is celebrated every 14th of February. It’s also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. Valentine’s Day is known as a significant religious, cultural, and commercial celebration of love and romance all throughout the word. However, it is and never was a public holiday.


Who is Saint Valentine?


Saint Valentine of Rome is a Catholic Saint who was persecuted for performing weddings for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. He also ministered Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. According to the legendary story, Saint Valentine restored the sight of the blind daughter of his judge and then wrote a letter to her as a farewell prior to his execution wherein he signed, “Your Valentine”.


When is Valentine’s Day established?


The Feast of Saint Valentine was established in AD 496 by Pope Gelasius to honor the Christian martyr. However, it was first became associated with romantic love during the 14th century within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer. During the 18th Century in England, it became known as an occasion for couples to express their love for each other by giving flowers, chocolates, and cards.


Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Looking at its history, it was never mentioned that it’s exclusive only to those who are in a relationship. Although it grew to be a couple thing in the 18th century, Valentine’s Day is never for couples alone.


How do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?


In this article, we will share you some tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day regardless if you are in a relationship or you are single.


Let’s start with…




  1. Go on an unusual date. Take this time off to go on a date. Of course, you can always go on a date, but this time, take a little extra effort to make your other half feel loved. Don’t just go for the usual dinner date. Try something that you haven’t tried yet like riding in a hot air balloon or skydiving. Anything that is memorable, that is a standout. But of course, make sure you don’t forget whens Valentines Day, okay? Plan ahead and make sure she will not know anything about it.
  2. Instead of flowers and chocolates, go on a trip. Making memories is the best way to celebrate such kind of occasion. Instead of spending on flowers and chocolates, spend on making memories with your loved one.




  1. Go out with friends. You are not alone, dear. You have friends who are single too, right? Go out with them! Enjoy the day by celebrating it with them. Go to your favorite hangout place, watch a movie, eat at a fancy restaurant, or go shopping. Don’t get bitter with the cheesiness around.
  2. Who said traveling alone is lonely? I tried it already, and I tell you, it is fun! You get to discover so much about yourself, plus enjoying the place without the hassle of having to think or worry about someone. Enjoy your freedom!
  3. Celebrate with your family. You don’t need someone just to feel loved on Valentine’s Day. The love of your family should be enough. Treat them for dinner or cook them dinner at home and have the loveliest evening with the people who love you the most.


See? Valentine’s is not just for couples! In fact, you can do more when you’re single. Here’s extra unsolicited advice for you single people to stop feeling sorry about being single on Valentine’s Day:


Take This Time For Yourself


Any holiday can be difficult to plan when you’re attached. Dividing time between your family and your man’s can be a real pain. What about going away for the holidays? You can without having to answer to anyone. You have control of everything you do, including where to live, the type of career, and even when you go to bed!


Buying gifts are much easier. Save that money you’d spend on your man and treat yourself to a new handbag or piece of clothing you’ve been eyeing for. It’s your money to spend as you please.


You’ll never have to share space with anyone. Heck, stay with your parents and reap all of the benefits.


Love yourself. Take advantage of finding things that make you happy and where you need to improve. You can enjoy your own company. If you can’t spend significant time alone, you need to learn. But promise, it is fun. Do things you like to do alone such as going to a restaurant or movie. You have time to work on you.


You have the ability to make several new friends. Get involved with other singles and relish in your lifestyle. Learn from each other and support each other. These friends can turn into lifelong friends, including men.


Being single is the start of a new adventure by being who you wish to be. Be ready for surprises that are about to head your way! Don’t let anything make you feel bad including heart’s day. Oh, and don’t worry thinking whens Valentines Day and would you have already had someone to date with by then? I tell you, singlehood comes once in your life. So, enjoy it.


No More Dwelling


Appreciate what you have and don’t dwell on things you don’t have. You may get something you’ve always wanted, but it doesn’t make you happy. This leads to wanting even more.


So many people are in long-term relationships, yet they are still not happy.


That guy you were meant to be is out there and will come around in time. Until then, enjoy your singlehood.


Dwelling and worrying are useless emotions. This behavior will not change the outcome and you’re using vital energy on something you don’t have any control.


Okay, so I think I’ve said enough. But what am I saying really is, regardless if you are in a relationship or you are single, it doesn’t matter. Valentine’s Day is like any other celebrations (like Christmas or Thanksgiving). Don’t make being single or being in a relationship a prerequisite to enjoy this day.


I hope next time when we think about whens Valentines Day, we get the same excitement whether in a relationship or single.