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7 Most Ideal Work At Home Jobs For Single Moms

If you are looking for work at home jobs for single moms, look no further because that is exactly what we are going to talk about today. I am sharing with you some of my top choices work at home jobs for single moms. Read on and know more about each job, and how much you can potentially earn from each of them.


Raising a child is no easy feat. That is why I admire those women who are able to pull it off singlehandedly. Beating the odds of motherhood, at the same time doing their best to make both ends meet by getting into various work at home jobs for single moms.


I have been a mom for just a while now, and I must say, it is a mixture of emotions. There are a lot of highs, but there are also low points. I thank the universe every single day I have my husband with me, and that we journey on this path together. I honestly could not imagine walking down the paths of parenthood without him.


Don’t get me wrong, I did not mean to say that to envy, anyone. Because let me tell you, I have so much admiration for every single mom out there – precisely why I am sharing later on some of the best work from home jobs I thought are fitted for single moms. You know what? Single moms for me are the very best examples of how strong women are, don’t you think?


One of the most common situations of single moms is that they need to juggle between work and taking care of their kids. Like any other moms out there, there is a way to do both at the same time – and that is by working from home.


Ideally, you can ask your company if you can instead of working in the office, work from home instead – keeping the same position and the same salary, just changing your location remotely. However, there are companies that would not allow that kind of work setup or sometimes, it’s the job that really requires you to be in the office.


If you are in the latter situation, you no longer have to worry that much because there are other ways to earn while taking care of your child, and that is getting into work at home jobs for single moms (and stay-at-home moms too!).


As I said earlier, you do not need to look any further because I have listed down a few of the most common, well-paying, and most flexible work at home jobs for single moms.


But before that, let me run down a few reasons why you should transition to work at home jobs for single moms instead.




Let me say, I know how it feels to be physically working in the office, but mentally, your thoughts, your mind is thinking about your kid back home.


That said, to help you make the right decision whether or not you should work from home instead, here are a few considerations you may look into.


– Work from home will help you save a lot.


While some moms are lucky to have a family member take care of their child, others need to rely on daycare or a babysitter to help them out during the day.


However, putting your child in daycare or having a babysitter around can be too costly for you – well, you have so many other bills to pay off, to begin with. By working from home, you will be able to get rid of babysitting or daycare cost. Instead, you can save the money either for the rainy days or for your baby’s future instead.


Apart from babysitting and daycare, you also save from transportation or gas allowances. You also help yourself stay away from other temptations like shopping or indulging on food while at work. Let’s admit it, sometimes we just can’t help it. Temptations are just around the corner, right?


– Work from home allows you to spend quality time with your kid.


For kids who are raised in an incomplete family setting, time and attention are very important. You owe your kid those. It will help make him or her feel secure and loved – regardless of what’s lacking.


Being a single mom, your kid needs your presence as much as possible. Thus, making work at home jobs for single moms ideal for you. By working from home, you get to spend a lot of time with your kid, and stock up wonderful memories with him or her.


– Work from home jobs is very competitive.


I think it is safe to say that work from home jobs nowadays are equally as competitive as regular day jobs. In fact, there are a lot of well-known companies who are starting to open their doors to virtual employees – which is quite not surprising because it helps them save a lot of costs.


Gone are the days when people find work at home jobs unstable because to be honest when you look into statistics, there are actually a lot of office employees who left their jobs and joined the work from home bandwagon.


– Work from home jobs is very flexible.


Personally, what I like about work from home jobs is that it allows me to make my own work schedule. I also love the fact that virtual employers are after the output rather than the quantity of time working.


I have been working from home for quite some time now, and I must say I am loving every part of it especially the flexibility in work schedule – because that is something I did not get to experience in my previous day job. I just love the freedom to do work whenever you feel comfortable and inspired by doing it.


– Work from home jobs pays well.


Of course, that depends on the field of work you will be into. But honestly speaking, you can make bigger money form some work at home jobs for single moms or for anyone in general compared to office jobs. Well, I am a testament to that. I never imagine earning bigger than what I used to earn before, at the same time enjoying the perks of working from home – especially being able to see every single milestone of my child.


So there you have it. These are just a few of the reasons to hopefully convince you that working from home is the way to go especially as a single mom.


Now, let’ us proceed to the list I have promised since early on.




Before we start, I would just like to say that I specifically listed down some of the most high-paying remote jobs according to Glassdoor, keeping in mind the needs of single moms and their child/children.


So, let us begin.



Average Pay: $60,000 annually


Copywriting and content writing are two technically different things. Copywriting is a special form of writing. It’s a type of writing that aims to promote a product, service, website, etc. The goal is to convince people or readers to buy certain products or services.


Content writing, on the other hand, refers to the form of writing content, which may be articles, blogs, etc.


As a copywriter, your job is to provide informative and useful information about the product or service that you are writing about. That is why it is important to have excellent communication skills.


To be a copywriter, while being a communication, advertising or journalism graduate is an advantage, they are not necessary. Clients these days allow anyone to get into the job provided they have the right skills, and that the applicant qualifies their specific requirements.


So, if you are someone who has excellent writing and communication skills, and you think you are able to come up with convincing copies, then becoming a copywriter may just be the perfect job for you.


By the way, copywriters are one of the highest-paid among the many online jobs out there. You may check FlexJobs, Indeed, Upwork, as well as to find copywriting job opportunities.


Grant Writer

Average Pay: $54,000 annually


Grant writing is another ideal work at home jobs for single moms out there. Apart from being flexible, it is also one of the highest-paying online jobs.


As a grant writer, your task is to pull together the applications of not-for-profit organizations, as well as businesses to apply for grants from various public and private grant-giving foundations. Your job includes reading through grant applications, drafting proposals, as well as working with donors to ensure that the clients you are working for have a greater chance to get the grant they are applying for,


This kind of job requires excellent proposal writing and research skills. It also requires organizational, and excellent communication skills because part of your job description is to also communicate with clients and potential donors often.


If you are interested to get into this kind of job, you may also check, FlexJobs, Indeed, Upwork, and other online job listing sites.


Virtual Assistant

Average Pay: $33,000 annually


If you love doing administrative work, then virtual assisting I one of the best jobs for you.


As a virtual assistant, your job includes providing administrative support to companies, businesses, agencies or individual clients. You can either be on a freelance contract basis or you can be a telecommuting employee if your company allows it.


Some of the common tasks done by virtual assistants are ghostwriting, data entry work, social media management, email management, scheduling meetings and appointments, accounting, and in some cases you may also do customer service tasks.


To qualify for a virtual assistant job, you have to be task-oriented, highly organized, and have very good communication skills especially if you land on a client that requires you to do email for him or her, writing, or do customer service tasks.


Social Media Manager

Average Pay: $55,000 annually


Another one of those high-paying work at home jobs for single moms out there is social media management.


I highly recommend this to single moms who spend a lot of time on social media and are social media savvy. I swear you can make a lot of money from doing social media management. This is also a great work from home job opportunity for moms who has previous experience in marketing, advertising, public relations, or social media management itself.


As a social media manager, your tasks may involve content writing or sometimes copywriting even, graphic designing, posting, and answering private messages and comments, as well as overall social media planning. In some cases, you may be tasked to create new social media pages or accounts on various social media platforms and attract people to go visit, like, and follow the page or account.


To qualify for the job, it is important to have excellent communication and customer service skills. While a background in marketing, public relations, or advertising is a high advantage, anyone can apply for this position provided you have all the qualifications the clients are looking for.


If you are interested to become a social media manager, you may check out the same websites we earlier mentioned or go straight to Google and just search “social media manager job listing” and you will surely be bombarded with a lot of options.


Interpreter or Translator

Average Pay: $40,000 annually


If you know a second language, then becoming an interpreter or translator is one of the deal work at home jobs for single moms for you.


As the name suggests, your work is all about translating or interpreting a file (can be audio or in written form) from one language to another.


Most translators or interpreters work with companies or organizations like educational institutions, publishing houses, television and movie production companies, as well as legal and medical organizations and businesses. The translator or interpreter’s job is to help two or more parties communicate because of the language barrier.


For medical and legal interpreters or translators though, you have to have experience in medical or legal fields to qualify for the job.



Average Pay: $33,000 annually


This is probably the best and the most ideal work from home job for single moms. Being a blogger offers a limitless earning potentials, flexibility in work schedule, and the best thing is, you report to no one else but yourself. Well, in the long run, if you become successful at it, you can actually provide jobs even!


Believe me, because I am in there. I have been and am currently in this position.


To become a blogger, the qualifications are basic – you have to love writing, and you have to be goal-oriented. Your goal will serve as your inspiration and will keep you pushing further to be able to make more profit, and achieve that level of being able to help other people out by providing jobs.


As a blogger, you can start small, and slowly move up the ladder as you learn along the way. Believe me, when I started, I have very little knowledge about this, but I was able to pull it off – thanks to various references available online.


To be successful in blogging, you have to first, think of a specific theme for your blog. You choose something that you are an expert of or are knowledgeable about, or you can go for something that you are passionate about like baking, cooking, or travel. I highly suggest you follow your heart, follow your passion. I believe that is the best ingredient to be successful in blogging or in any work from home jobs.


Just so you know, your blog becomes profitable by incorporating affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, or sponsored posts. Once you become popular, a lot of other opportunities may also come your way.



Average Pay: $35,000 annually


Bookkeeping is another ideal work from home jobs for single moms especially for those with finance or accounting backgrounds, because of its flexibility and salary range.


As a bookkeeper, your job may include keeping track of your client’s financial transactions, “the books”, as well as their tax information. You may also be tasked to read over financial documents to ensure accuracy, create reports, as well as update financial statements.


To be a bookkeeper, apart from finance or accounting background, you also have to be highly organized and accurate. Some companies may require a bachelor’s degree holder related to finance, accounting or business administration. Nevertheless, there are companies who are open to hiring non-finance degree holders, the provider they have the skills for the job.


If you think you have what it take to be one, you may check out Indeed, Upwork, and other online job listing sites for a possible bookkeeping job opportunity.




So, there you have it. These are just seven of the so many works at home jobs for single moms out there. As I mentioned earlier, I specifically chose these according to how much you can make as I understand the demands of single mom-hood. You pay the bills on your own so you better have a sustainable work from home job.


I am hoping that I was able to help you out and hopefully was able to convince you as well that work from home is a good if not the best option for you, mommy.