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9 Companies Where You Will Find Work At Home Jobs Free To Start

Working from home is probably the most ideal work setup for anyone. It’s practical, and at the same time, allows you to save a lot of money from commuting and other expenses. But for moms, working from home is about being able to spend more time with their kids. Good thing there are a lot of work at home jobs free to start to choose from.


Being a career woman is satisfying, but being a mom is extra satisfying. Well, we actually could not find the right word to describe how beautiful the gift of motherhood. Thus, it is not surprising why a lot of women today or in the past have opted to give up their careers to become a fulltime mom.


While it is fulfilling to be a mommy and be the master of the house, let’s admit it, there are days or times when we miss working – especially if you’ve been working in the corporate world for years, there really are times when you miss being busy working. But here’s some good news! Thanks to the advent of technology, work from home became possible. In fact, this industry is growing!


Based on reports, more and more people even those working on a regular day job are shifting to working from home. Well, we cannot blame them because working remotely is just so ideal.


But what if you are new to this? How do you jump into the bandwagon?


Well, there really is no problem with that because there are a lot of work at home jobs free to start out there to choose from – depending on your line of expertise or interest, or in some (if not most) cases, your passion.


Hang in there because today, we are going to share with you some of the most profitable work at home jobs free to start, as well as where you can find work from home opportunities without needing to spend money just to get started.


Anyway, if you are ready, let’s begin.


5 Most Lucrative Work from Home Job Options


– Freelance Writing


Freelance writing is the most popular of all work from home jobs. No wonder why there are a lot of freelance writing job opportunities as well. Needless to say, freelance writing is also one of the most lucrative remote jobs out there.


There are so many sites that offers work from home freelance writing jobs, which we are going to share with you later on. What we like about this field is that anyone can work as a writer. While having journalism or an English degree is an advantage, it is not really necessary – because most clients do not mind your educational background as long as they see that you are really good at writing.


Just to give you an idea though, the usual requirements for freelance writing gigs are:


– Excellent communications skills

– Superb writing skills

– Excellent in grammar, spelling, and punctuations

– Previous writing skills is preferred but not required


Apart from these, clients also look into your ability to meet deadlines, to multi-task when needed, and to meet the client’s expectations.


The challenge in being a freelance writer comes in finding the right client and being able to negotiate the right price. Most freelance writers are paid on an hourly basis, some on a per-day basis, while others would either be based on per-post or per-word.


As a freelance writer, you could make anywhere between $25 and $1,000 per post. How much you make depends on the kind of write-up you do, your expertise, years of experience, and of course the company or client you are working for.


– Virtual Assisting


Virtual assisting is another one of the most popular and profitable work from home jobs free to start. Just like writing, anyone can work as a virtual assistant for as long as you are highly organized and enterprising.


Over the years, more and more people hire virtual assistants to help them with their daily tasks. As a virtual assistant, your scope of work depends on the needs of the clients. But to give you an idea, some of the most common tasks of a virtual assistant are email management, social medial management, meeting, and appointment setting, data entry, bookkeeping, writing, travel management, event planning, graphic designing, and in some cases, even customer service jobs.


To qualify for a virtual assistant job, you must possess the following:


– Ability to multi-task

– Excellent communications skills

– Organizational skills

– Previous experience is not necessarily required

– College or university degree is an advantage but not required


These are just some of the common requirements for the job. Of course, if for instance you are tasked to write, then you must possess excellent writing skills. It really is a client to client basis.


By the way, virtual assisting is one of the best work from home jobs to get into if you are someone who is transitioning from being a career woman to a stay at home working mom. Virtual assisting is mostly admin work, which makes it adaptable to anyone who wants to start working from home – regardless of previous work experience.


Virtual assistants nowadays earn no less than $20 per hour. Of course, how much you make will also depend on your expertise and experience, also on the tasks required. The more work you do, the higher your salary rate will be.


– Online Tutoring


Are you a master of an academic subject? Do you have the passion to teach other kids? If your answer is yes, then online tutoring is perfect for you!


Regardless of what subject you are a master of – could be English, Math, history, science, and technology, etc. – there is a place for you in online tutoring. In fact, there are a lot of kids and students waiting for you to share your knowledge and expertise with them!


There are so many online tutoring websites nowadays. Some are focused on specific subjects only like English, while others offer a broader selection of subject matter.


Apart from your expertise on the subject matter, you must also have the passion to teach and have tons of patience and understanding plus excellent communication skills to be considered for an online tutoring job.


What we like about online tutoring is that you can choose when you want to hold tutoring classes – depending on your availability. While there are some online tutoring that requires minimum work hours, there are other companies that do not mind how long or often you want to work at all. WE actually though online tutoring is very ideal for stay at home moms because of its flexibility.


Generally speaking, online tutors can make around $8 to $12 per hour, which means, if you work for 20 hours a week, for instance, you can make as much as $1,000 a month. It may not replace the profit you get from a traditional job, but it is definitely a good amount of money for a part-time work from home job.


– Data Entry


Of all the work from home jobs free to start out there, unfortunately, data entry work is one of the most common scams for people looking for home-based jobs. Thus, when looking for data entry jobs, you have to ensure that you are only dealing with legit sites and legit clients.


Regardless of that fact though, data entry is still booming. While there are companies that require certification or special training for the job, mostly does not mind at all – as long as you hit their qualifications.


Data entry work is all about transferring data from one file to another. Thus, in order to be one, you must be organized, must have an excellent eye for detail, must be a multi-tasker, and a good communication skills would also be helpful. In addition, you must have basic computer skills too since most if not all data entry work will be done using a computer.


According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, they predict that the data entry industry will grow by about 15% from 2014 to 2024. BLS says that there is an increasing demand in this industry, thus the increase of the pay range as well, which is raging between $19 and $29 per hour over the next 5 to 7 years.


Currently, basic data entry jobs could make you earn around $13 to $20 per hour, which very fair enough with the kind of work that a data entry specialist does. Also, depending on the company, there are some that hire work from home employees, while others as an independent contractor.


– Transcription


Last on our list is transcription. Like data entry work, you must also be careful in dealing with transcription job offers. You also need to make sure you are dealing with legit ones.


Transcription is one of the work at home jobs free to start. Most transcription companies do not require you to pay anything – unless they require background checks and they specifically mention it that you need to shoulder the cost. Don’t worry, that legal.


Just so you know, transcription job requires listening to an audio or video file and transcribing everything that you hear on the file. While for some transcription sounds like a very easy job, for others, it can be very challenging – especially when the company or client requires a specific number of words per minute. With a lot of practice though, you can eventually master the craft.


To qualify for a transcription job, you must possess the following:


– Excellent listening skills

– High typing speed

– Ability to multi-task

– Accurate

– Previous experience is preferred but not required


Depending on the type of transcription job you are into, like in medical transcription, you will need to have a medical transcription certification. Otherwise, a medical-related degree is necessary to get into the job. Legal transcription jobs, meanwhile, requires the mastery or at least knowledge on basic legal terms.


Transcriptionists are usually paid by the audio hour. Some per word or per audio minute. For an experienced transcriptionist, the pay is usually at $45 to $50 per audio hour. Like most work from home jobs free to start, how much you make depends on certain factors like our mastery and years of experience.


So, there you have it. As we said earlier, these are just five of the many works from home jobs free to start out there. Now, let’s proceed to where you can find work from home jobs that need no fees to begin.


Companies that Offer Work at Home Jobs Free to Start


Generally, companies that offer work from home jobs do not require you to pay anything –


But just to give you an idea, you may encounter job listing sites that require membership fees so you can use all the features of the site, or you may encounter a company that bluntly states that you will need to pay for background checks. Note that these are legit. For as long as they openly inform you about the charges, there is nothing to worry about. But of course, if you are still in doubt, you can always do research about the legitimacy of the site or the company.


Anyway, let’s get into the real deal. Here are some of the many companies online that offer work from home jobs free to start.


  1. VIPKid – VIPKid is famous among those who are looking for online English teaching work from home jobs. VIPKid is one of those online teaching sites with a very strict application process. Although the process is quite tedious, it’s worth it once you are in as they are one of those that offer a high pay rate to their online teachers. Just so you know, VIPKid specifically cater to Chinese children who want to learn the English language. To be a VIPKid online teacher, you must be an ESL teacher. Also, you must be a native English speaker with a working permit and is residing in the US.
  2. 3 Play Media – 3 Play Media is famous in the transcription industry. They offer work from home transcription and transcription editing jobs absolutely free of any charges.
  3. Babbletype – BabbleType is another company that offers work from home transcription and transcription editing jobs. Like the prior company we mentioned, Babble Type also does not require you to pay anything to get started. As long as you pass the test, and your application is successful, you can immediately start working and earning.
  4. Fancy Hands – Fancy Hands is popular in the virtual assisting industry. If you want to jumpstart your virtual assisting career, Fancy Hands is one of the best options to get into. Do not worry about anything because the company needs no payment from you to get started. Just so you know, the pay is on a per-task basis, and payments are sent twice a month.
  5. NextWave Advocacy – If you want to get into freelance writing, NetWave is an option. The company hires writers, as well as work from home outreach callers. The company pays an hourly rate of $12. Do not worry about background checks or payments because they do not charge anything to get you in the job.
  6. OnPoint Advocacy – Similar to the prior one, the company also offers work from home writing gigs and calling specifically for political outreach. Also, they do not ask any payments or whatsoever to get you started.
  7. Textbroker – Obviously, this job offer freelance writing stints. The good thing about this company is that they accept people with no work experience. So, if you are a stay at home mom planning to start a work from home career, and you’ve got a passion for writing, then Textbroker is perfect for you. No worries about charges or anything because it’s absolutely free to get into Textbroker. All you need to do is pass the application process.
  8. Time Etc. – Time Etc. offer virtual assisting job opportunities. Whether you are an experienced virtual assistant or a newbie in the industry, you are welcome to join the company. There are absolutely no fees involved in the company’s application process.
  9. com – If you want to get into online tutoring, then is one of the best options for you. Although they do a background check among their candidates, the company handles the fee for it.


In addition to this list, there are also generic job listing sites where you can find work from home jobs free to start. Some of these job listing sites are, Upwork,, and FlexJobs. These sites offer a variety of work from home gigs according to your preference.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, there are so many options – in fact, what we have here is just a fraction of the whole thing – for you. Work from home jobs is just too many to even fit in here. Definitely, no need to get stressed about working and mothering – because, with the advent of home-based jobs, you can definitely have the best of both worlds.


Furthermore, there are also a lot of online sites or companies that offer work at home jobs free to start. Yes, you do not need to shell out any amount of money just to get started with your home-based working career – which is really the ideal one anyway.


To end, we hope we were able to impart something with you, and we wish you nothing but the best of luck as you start your work from home journey.