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9 Work From Home Opportunities For Moms And Where To Find Them

Are you looking for work from home opportunities for moms? Look no further because as you read on, you will find out some of the most in-demand work from home opportunities for moms out there that pays really well, and suits up to your mom-life.


You were at the peak of your career. You were enjoying the fruits of your labor, as they say.


You were happy as a career woman, and you thought nothing is going to stop you from it.


And then, one day, you found out you and your husband are pregnant! You never thought life could make you even happier! Everything is bliss.


Until you gave birth. You figured, something has to change. Your baby needs you. This little human being relies on his or her life on you. You thought of having someone else take care of him or her, but something is holding you back. You feel like, you cannot let someone else take care of your child but you.


And there you are, doing one of the toughest decisions of your life, giving up your career in exchange for being a fulltime mom. It was hard. It really was, but you thought, it is going to be worth it. After all, work is just there, anytime you want to go back, you can always go back, but your baby? He or she will only be little for a while, and that every moment with your child lost, is lost forever. Well, you can never turn back the hands of time.


Does this scenario sound familiar? Well, for sure, because a lot of us, moms, have gone through the very same path in our lives.


I, too, was once in that path. I had to give up my work to a more fulfilling job – becoming a mom to our child.


But guess what, mommies!? While we thought our resignation from our former jobs was the end of our career life, this I tell you, we are wrong.


Thanks to technological advancement, it opened up a lot of work from home opportunities for moms. In fact, there is so many work from home opportunities for moms out there to choose from – depending on your line of interest or your professional field.


So, for those of you, who, like me, wanted to continue working even with the overwhelming responsibilities of being a mom, this one is for you.




If I may say, the moment I figured out these work from home opportunities for moms, I got emotional. I just felt so grateful to those who extend their hands to people like us who need to take care of our children, but also feels the need to work not only so we can help our husbands pay the bills, or so we have money for our personal purchases, but more of feeling empowered that you can do more while at home apart from taking care of your child, and the home.


With that said, today, I am sharing with you some of the most in-demand, most flexible, and well-paying work from home opportunities for moms.


So, let us start with…


  1. Online Tutoring


As a mom, you will surely love this job. Personally, it is one of the work from home opportunities for moms that I love – maybe because you get to teach kids. You are able to make an impact on their lives, and also the fact that you are able to build a relationship with your students.


Online tutoring is a good practice especially for moms who are planning to homeschool their children. You get to have an idea of what works for children when it comes to teaching them lessons and the like.


The job is very flexible. It allows you to take classes depending on your preferred time. With regards to payment, the salary of online tutors is quite competitive as it ranges between $12 and $22 per hour.


  1. Freelance Writing


Probably one of the most common work from home opportunities for moms and for everyone else. In fact, there is a huge demand for freelance writers these days. Well, it is not surprising because people can never run out of eBooks to read or websites to visit.


The nice thing about this job is, you can do your writing jobs during your spare time – like when your baby is asleep or if your kid is already going to informal classes, you can do your tasks as you wait for your baby to finish school. It’s very flexible and very remote you can do it anywhere you like.


Most companies do not require an English or journalism degree. They hire people who are passionate about writing and qualifies for what they specifically need.


In terms of salary, it is probably one of those work from home jobs that pay well. For a beginner, you can earn around $500 a month, while for those who have been in the field for so long, you can earn as much as $2,000 up to $5,000 a month! Very much competitive to say the least.


  1. Social Media Managing or Marketing


You read it right. Social media is another platform that allows you to make money out of it.


I specifically suggest this kind of job to mommies who have a marketing background. As a social media manager, your task is to keep your client’s social media pages up to date. You will handle the social media platforms of your clients, create content for these platforms, and answer personal messages and comments, and some other related tasks.


The work is very mobile – because you can do it using your smartphones unless you prefer doing it using your laptop or desktop computer. When it comes to flexibility of time, it is very flexible. You get to decide what specific time of the day you will do the job. After all, as a social media manager, you also do social media planning, which basically refers to the time of posting content, etc.


Social media managers earn an average of $55,000 a year, and can earn as much as $81,000! Of course, just like any other job out there, the payment depends on your expertise and years of experience, as well as your skills.


  1. Proofreading or Editing


You can be both or you can be either of the two. But one thing is sure, proofreading and editing are two totally different things.


Proofreading, on one hand, is a good job choice for moms who have a critical eye for details. Your job is to find grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors on proofs or copies. Editing, on the other hand, requires rewriting and restructuring or reconstructing of copies.


If you are both or any of both, we highly suggest jumping into either or both. Proofreaders and editors have very flexible schedules, too! In fact, in some cases, you can work on a project-based basis.


Proofreaders can make between $32,000 and $65,000 a year, while editors can make around $32,000 to $$69,000.


  1. Virtual Assisting


Virtual assisting is another work from home opportunities for moms that I would highly recommend.


I highly recommend this to moms who have an administrative work background. As a virtual assistant, your job depends on the assistance that your client needs. This includes email and social media management, scheduling of meetings, writing, managing blogs, data entry work, sending invoices, bookkeeping and in some very rare cases, you may also do some phone calls.


While you can offer to do a lot of tasks, you can also offer to do specific tasks or offer an area of specialty and market that to prospective clients. For instance, if you are skilled in data entry work, you can focus on marketing your data entry skills. If you think you are best at bookkeeping, you can focus on that too. Actually, specialized virtual assistants make more money than those offering a lot.


  1. Transcription


Another work from home opportunities for moms that allows you to work at your own time and pace


To be a transcriptionist, all you need to have is excellent listening and typing skills. It does not require a specific degree. In fact, anyone can be a transcriptionist. Some companies even allow students to work for them because what they are most after for is the output.


From the name itself, your job is basically to transcribe or record down every word you hear in an audio or video file. Generally, these files are short in length, but in some very rare cases, there are files that are long in length.


Like virtual assisting, if you want to make a bigger amount of money, you have to specialize in a specific field. To give you an idea, medical and legal transcriptionist actually earn more, which is not surprising though because these also requires specific qualifications and expertise.


If you are interested in a transcription job, for your information, you can make between $19,000 to $38,000 a year.


  1. Search Engine Evaluation


Do you love browsing the internet? If you do, then you may want to consider working as a search engine evaluator. This is one of those work from home opportunities for moms that is non-phone, which means, it does not require you any phone conversations with clients or customers.


As a search engine evaluator, your job is to check and review search engine results if they are applicable to your searches. It sounds very simple, right? Yes, it may be simple, but it is also very critical as your comments and reviews will be considered in ensuring users will have the best search engine experience.


There are a couple of legitimate companies that offer search engine evaluating jobs. Just to give you an idea, some of these sites include Appen Butler Hill, Lionbridge, and the Leapforce.


A search engine evaluator can earn around $21,000 up to $45,000. Don’t you just love the idea of doing something you thought costs nothing, but actually allows you to make good money?


  1. Data Entry


If you do not mind following directions, and you could easily catch on, then data entry work will be very easy for you.


Like everything else on this list, a data entry job is another option for mommies who want to work from home. Your job depends on the company or the client you are working for. But generally speaking, it is all about inputting information form one file to another. For companies like SigTrack, your job as a data entry involves keying in voters registration and petition forms as well.


Data entry jobs make you earn as much as $24,000 up to $41,000.


  1. Blogging


My personal favorite.


The last but definitely not the least on my list is blogging. Blogging is one of the best ways to share your knowledge and expertise on something that you love or are passionate about. For instance, I am passionate about helping out fellow moms like me who wants to make their own money without the need of leaving home to earn a living – that is why I created this blog.


Some bloggers tackle food, places, fashion, digital marketing, blogging, and many more. When you check their blogs though, you will notice their passion for the topic they are into. Well, it works well because imagine, how can you offer something that you know nothing about, right? That would be tough.


As a blogger, you can earn by building your own blog. Once you have established a good number of web traffic, you can apply for Google AdSense, you may also look into affiliate marketing, and in some cases, brands will approach you and offer sponsored posts.


Depending on your blog, you can earn between $16,000 and $52,000 a year. Some bloggers are able to earn as much as $100,000 a year even! Well, that is not possible especially if your blog is very popular.




Now that you already know what work from home opportunities for moms are available out there for you, your next question would probably be, where to find these jobs, right?


With that said, I have listed down some of the best job listing sites where mommies can find remote job opportunities.




FlexJobs offers legit jobs that are very flexible like opportunities that offer part-time or flextime schedules, telecommuting, as well as freelance contracts.


What I like about FlexJobs is that they have a specific team that screens the best job opportunities that meet the company’s criteria. This way, they get to filter out junk, scams, and advertisements, which are very prevalent in freelance work.


While anyone can browse job postings for free, they also offer paid services for you to be able to see a detailed report about the job listings, and also included are job search checklists, content from experts that you can read on, skills tests, as well as the best way to apply for a job.


  1. The Second Shift


The Second Shift is a job-placement company. It specifically seeks to match female talent with employers who are looking for interim jobs, part-time workers, as well as those who are looking for special projects in different fields like finance, creatives, human resources, and marketing to name a few.


To be able to use what the website offers, all you have to do is apply for membership, and wait for the approval. To be approved, you will need to submit your credentials and references, which will be verified by the company. A personal interview is also necessary.


While it does not have an upfront fee, once you complete a certain project, The Second Shift will keep 5% of your total pay, which is fair enough.


  1. The Mom Project


By the name itself, it means this website is dedicated to helping moms who want to get into online jobs.


The Mom Project is basically a digital talent marketplace and community wherein companies and professionally accomplished mothers meet. The companies come from different fields like finance, marketing, project management, technology, sales, administrative, as well as legal.


The Mom Project has free membership. As soon as you are done creating your profile, you will automatically be matched with available job opportunities that match your skills and your flexibility needs.


Instead of the typical application process, you are going to bid for the job that you are interested in and once an employer replies, you can proceed with negotiating your compensation.


  1. Mom Corps


Mom Corps describes itself as a “nationwide, boutique, talent advisory, search, and staffing firm.” It aims to help professionally accomplished moms to find a job in the fields of human resource, finance, accounting, and marketing to name a few.


Registration online is free. Once you are registered, you can start searching for flexible and part-time jobs. In some cases, company recruiters may also contact you if they feel you suit the job they offer.




Another website that is dedicated to helping moms find a work from home job. They serve as the connecting bridge between moms and legit home-based jobs and projects. Like the other job sites I mentioned earlier, also offers a variety of work from home opportunities for moms like copy editing, blogging, customer service, administrative, finance, sales, and marketing.


The company has specific people that ensure the legitimacy of job opportunities. In exchange for using their platform, they charge its users for a quarterly fee for a very minimal amount.




It’s nice knowing that there are a lot of work from home opportunities for moms out there that are flexible and well-paying. At the same time, there are also a lot of websites dedicated to helping fellow moms to find their job match.


I hope I was able to help you in any way and inspire you to start your work from home journey. One thing I am sure of, once you are at it, you will feel extra happy. But of course, let’s admit it, nothing compares to the joy and happiness the company of our children brings.