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Working From Home Part-Time or Full-Time: 15 Basic Job Options

Back in the days, working from home part-time or fulltime was just a dream. But with the advent of technology, the internet, in particular, remote jobs are becoming the next big thing. In fact, it’s not surprising that a big chunk of the workforce is slowly transitioning to taking work from home jobs these days. Well, why not when it’s very practical, and very convenient, right?


Working from home part time or fulltime does not only mean working for someone or a company. It could also mean putting up your own online business and prospering it. Believe it or not, there just so many options out there. I guess it is safe to say that it is impossible to have a shortage when it comes to working from home opportunities.


To prove this theory, I am sharing with you a few works from home part time and/or fulltime options. You will be surprised even knowing that some of these work from home opportunities can generate yearly earnings that equate to or more than the average salary of an American worker.


Here we go –


Basic Work from Home Job Options


  1. Blogging


Who doesn’t know about blogging? You know, over the years, blogging has become huge, and it continues to become bigger even. I don’t think it’s ever going to slow down.


Personally, what I like about blogging is that it is cheap, easy, yet the profitability is endless. Believe it or not, there are a lot of bloggers out there that make a lot of money from blogging. Some would even make hundreds of thousand dollars in just a month, and even make millions in a year! I know you find it impossible, but that’s for real! There are so many successful bloggers out there, really.


To be a blogger, you do not need a college degree, a certification, or a professional license. Anyone can be a blogger! For as long as you have the passion for the craft, and you know what you want to write about, and you gain a lot of followers in the long run, you are going to succeed in this industry.


With blogging, you can write anything and everything—whatever you want and whatever you are comfortable writing about. It could be about fashion, food, lifestyle travel, work from home jobs, motherhood and babies, parenting, and so much more – pretty much anything and everything under the sun.


You can either be a fulltime blogger or a part-time blogger. It’s all up to you really. How much you make as a blogger, after all, depends on the web traffic or the number of people that reads and visits your site.


To monetize your blog, you have several options like linking it to affiliate marketing, through Google ads, sponsored ads, or partnerships with brands or companies. To be able to do all or any of these, you just have to work on your web traffic first. I tell you, it’s really worth it and it’s really profitable – if you just put the right amount of passion plus hard work into it.


  1. Bookkeeping


You do not necessarily have to be a certified public accountant to be a bookkeeper or to start a bookkeeping business. All you have to do, in fact, is sign up for a bookkeeping course at a community college or online (there are a lot of organizations that offer a crash course on bookkeeping online).


Upon completion of the course, you can immediately start working as one, and start making money! According to some salary sites, the median salary of a work from home bookkeeper these days is at around$34,000. Not just that, some bookkeepers working remotely even make as much as $70,000 annually – that’s earning more than $5,000 a month! You see, compared to other part time on-site jobs, it’s pretty competitively high.


  1. Child Caregiving


Child caregiving is a combination of on-site and online work. I find this one ideal for stay at home moms who do not mind taking care of other people’s children as well.


Child caregiving is a work from home business that can be very lucrative regardless if you are running if for just a couple of hours a day. By obtaining the right licenses and permits, you can immediately start your child caregiving business.


With the help of social media or by signing up through child caregiving sites, you can offer your services to a more broad audience. How much you make in child caregiving depends on your skills and the years of experience. Of course, like any business, when starting up, you start charging with just a few bucks, and slowly increase charging as you find it necessary.


  1. Consultancy


Consultancy is another promising work from home stint. To be a consultant, you must have experience and broad knowledge about a specific area or subject matter. You must be willing to share your knowledge and expertise with those who need it.


For example, if you have previous work experience in marketing and you have broad knowledge about the latest trend in this industry, you may consider becoming a marketing consultant. If you are an accountant or a lawyer, then you can target providing consultancy services to small businesses or startup companies.


How much your earning will be as a consultant depends on your line of expertise and years of experience. Of course, the more experienced you are, the higher you can charge your client. Personally, constancy is one of the best working from home part time option especially for stay at home moms.


  1. Customer Service


I remember a few years back, customer service representatives work in offices. But with technological advances, now even customer service representatives are outsourced! And yes, most of them are working from home.


To qualify for a customer service representative job post, you must have excellent communication skills and must have the ability to multi-task. Of course, when working from home, you must also ensure you meet the technical requirements to do customer service tasks. These requirements include a laptop, high-speed internet connection, headset with noise cancellation feature, a designated phone line, and a home office that is free from any distractions.


For your information, work from home part time or fulltime customer service representatives makes around $8 to $15 per hour.


  1. Affiliate Marketing


Yes, I mentioned this already a while ago when I was sharing with you how to monetize your blog. Affiliate marketing is ideal for those who have their own websites or blog. Basically, affiliate marketing is referral marketing. You refer a product or service by putting a link on your website. That link is a special link that will lead your readers or followers to the website of the brand.


You make money through affiliate marketing by commissions. You earn a commission every time a visitor of your website clicks the affiliate link and buys their product or service. For example, if you are an affiliate of Amazon when a visitor of your site clicks the link that leads to the Amazon website, and he or she buys the product, Amazon will then pay you a certain percentage from the sale.


A lot of web owners love affiliate marketing because it lets them earn money passively without having to cost them that much. In fact, some affiliates do not require any signup fee or something of that sort.


  1. Animation


Do you love creating an animation of visual effects whether it be for a video game, for television or movies, or other types of media? If your answer is yes, well, you can make big money by working from home part time or fulltime as an animator.


To be an animator, you just have to be artistic and creative – really. While some take up a course to learn the craft, there are a few who just self-study. Apart from your skills, of course, you also need to equip yourself with the right animation software.


To give you an idea, some work from home animators today make money between $25 and $106 per hour depending on the project. Of course, the more difficult the project is, the higher you get paid. You can find animation job opportunities in different work from home sites like Upwork.


  1. Baking or Catering


Do you love baking or cooking? Then turn your passion into something profitable! Turn that into a home-based business. From your very own kitchen, you can start baking cakes and goodies or start cooking your crowd favorite dishes and sell them online! Of course, that would be on a per order basis to ensure you don’t waste any food.


You can also sell them through the neighborhood or your friends and relatives. You know, with the internet and the rise of social media, everything becomes possible. Needless to say, it’s easier to open up a business nowadays and cater to a broad customer base.


  1. Social Media Management


Are you social media savvy? Well, you will surely love becoming a social media manager. Like I said a couple of times already, the digital world is like leading businesses and companies these days. Online presence particularly social media presence is not a must-have to any company or business – bug or small.


Well, we cannot blame them because everyone is into their phones, checking social media platforms so often – especially the millennials. Social media is like becoming a part of our lives. With that said, more and more businesses and companies are hiring a specific person to handle their social media needs. Thus the birth of social media managers.


As a social media manager, your job is to handle social media accounts of your clients. You create and upload posts, do graphics for them, make a social media plan and strategies, as well as answer social media queries and comments from their customers.


I tell you, social media management is becoming the next big thing when it comes to working from home jobs. Needless to say, it’s highly competitive salary-wise.


  1. Data Entry


Data entry work is all about transferring or inputting data from one file to another. I tell you, data entry is not the most exciting work from home job, but is definitely one of the easiest. It’s actually ideal for stay at home moms who are detail-oriented and are precise. Yes, precision is needed for the job as you have to ensure that all data are correct.


What to love about data entry work is that most clients who are looking for one do not require previous job experience or specific educational attainment. For as long as you have the skills and the willingness to do the job, you can easily land a data entry work.


As a data entry specialist, you can start charging at $10 per hour, and eventually increase your rate as you gain experience and hone in your craft.


  1. Copywriting


Probably one of the easiest work from home jobs to get into yet one of the most fulfilling is copywriting. Unlike other work from home jobs, you do not necessarily need to have a degree in journalism or English or Mass Communication to be a copywriter. In fact, anyone can work as a copywriter as long as you possess excellent communication and writing skills. While it is not really required, mastery in grammar, punctuation, formatting, and syntax would be an advantage.


There is a lot of job listing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Indeed that offer work from home copywriting jobs. In fact, there also sites that specifically cater to writing gigs only.  According to, a copywriter typically makes an average of $60,000 a year and could be as high as $102,000 annually.


  1. Graphic Design


Here’s another work from home job for artistic and creative people. The fact is, there are so many businesses today that are in need of someone to design their websites, visual ads, make their logos, as well as create their business’s marketing materials. And guess what? If you are into graphic design, this means a great opportunity to make money! Not just that – make a comfortable salary out of graphic designing.


Whether you opt for working from home part time or fulltime as a graphic designer, I tell you that it will still make you a lot of money. In fact, the more skilled you are in this craft, the more likely you are to gain more clients.


You could either find graphic design gigs through online work from home job listing sites like Indeed and Upwork or you can get some through word of mouth.


A graphic designer nowadays could make roughly around $45,000 or more annually. You see, that’s huge amount of money for work from home stint.


  1. Product Review


Have you ever thought that you could actually make money from reviewing products? Well, let me tell you this, yes, you can make money from being a product reviewer. Imagine, you get to use the product for free (and in most cases, you get to get hold of products before they have even become available in the market), review it, and then you get paid for doing so!? That’s heavenly.


No, I am not overreacting. Just so you know, according to some reports a product reviewer nowadays could make between $20,000 and $95,000 annually. I know that is pretty huge. But of course, you must have great following to be able to get a product review stint. Most product reviewers are usually bloggers of influencers.


  1. Programming


Correct me if I am wrong but it takes someone who loves technical stuff to be a programmer, right? To be a programmer, you must, of course, learn a programming language like Ruby. You could either study or take a course in programming, or you can learn through online resources.


As a programmer, you can make as much as $61 per hour. That pretty high compared to other work from home jobs out there. Well, it’s not surprising though because let’s admit it, programming is like one of those jobs that only geniuses can do. Too many technicalities, you know.


  1. Editing and Proofreading


Do you easily smirk whenever you encounter grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors? How about incorrect sentence structure or repetitive thoughts? If your answer is yes, well then, editing or proofreading is the perfect job for you!


There are a lot of content creators these days, and most of them need someone to check their work and spot errors, too. So, if you have the skills, why not be an editor or proofreader working from home part time or fulltime.


As an editor or proofreader, you can make around $20 per hour. You can find editing and proofreading work from home gigs through websites like Freelancer, FlexJobs, Fiverr, ProofreadingPal, as well as


Final Thoughts


As you can see, there is a lot of work from home opportunities out there. I think it is safe to say that there is an available work from home job for every industry type. What I have in here are just some of the many remote jobs available on and offline.


Whether you are looking at working from home part time or fulltime, you can sure find one. Good luck!